Revealing the truth of Ancient India by Amish Tripathi

I consider my self as an avid book reader. I read both fiction and non-fiction books. Specifically for fiction, there are two authors who are my favorite and they are also prominent. One is JK Rowling the first author who became a billionaire by creating the world of magic. And, the second one is Indian author Mr. Amish Tripathi, Who has presented the Indian mythology concept in a contemporary style.

In which, My favorite series is the shiva series. If you are interested in it then I would recommend you to buy it out, it is completely worth it. You will not only gain knowledge but after reading it you will become more spiritual and you will see this world from different angles.

So, I listened to this podcast “TRS” yesterday, wherein Amish Tripathi was the guest. So, I got a lot of information from it which I haven’t heard before and It was really kind of patriotic I’d say. Thus, I thought to share it with you.

How Amish became one of the prominent writers in India :

He born and brought up in Kashi. He used to joke that “his family has the blessing of goddess Saraswati, but a very low blessing of goddess Lakshmi”. That means they are well educated, but were struggling financially. 

All family members were interested in reading.  Amish got interested in reading because his parents used to real a lot. This is because you become the person you spend your time most with. As a child, everyone spends the most time with their parents. So, scientifically it has been proven that children learn from their parents. 70% of children have the same hobbies as their parents. Thus, he became interested in reading.

So, if you are a parent then you should start some healthy habits that can be beneficial for you and your child.

To illustrate,

  1. Start reading books.
  2. Start doing exercise.
  3. Start doing meditation.
  4. Start eating nutritious food.
  5. Spend time with your family, instead of being in solitude.
  6. Stop using a mobile at your dinner table.
  7. Respect elderly people.
  8. Be kind to all human beings and animals.

Amish used to read at least 6 books per month. He wrote his first two books while doing his job, and he took five years to write his first book. He resigned after when his royalty check became more than his salary.

So, what is our learning? If you want to do something for your self; for instance, writing a book, starting a business or starting a blog, then instead of directly jumping into it, you should stay on a job which you are currently doing and if you think that you are getting more money from it then your primary income, then you can only focus your goal.

India was the richest nation pre-11th century:-

Nowadays we all are attracted to the American lifestyle and American land. For instance, we think that being an American means being lucky. And, be in America means, be in heaven. Specifically, the young generation is moving to the USA or Canada for higher studies.

I have also observed that in the last four years more than 10 million people have applied for PR in Canada. Also, in any MNC company, if any employee got the on-site opportunity then it considers a life-changing moment.

So why the situation is like this?

Because we can earn more money by doing same kind of  job overseas.

But, here is the fun fact 1000 years ago specifically pre-11 century India was the richest nation in the world. Everyone wants to be an Indian, everybody wants to live like an Indian.

You don’t believe this right, but it is truth.

Why do you think we have so much gold, even though we do not have that much gold mines in India. At that time India was 35% of the world’s GDP like the USA is 20% today.

Host of the show has said below given lines which was kind of touchy :-

“Three years ago I went to Greece. So, economical condition of Greece was not in good shape. Whenever he asked any local about it, he/she would say “when your home gets on fire, you do not run away, you stay there and save your house!” “

Did Ramayana and Mahabharata actually happened:-

Some people believe that Ramayana and Mahabharata are mythology; however, some believe that it is history. It is like a war between two groups of people.

In some ways, we are reacting to the trauma of our invasion. So, it is like multiple truths. Nobody is correct or incorrect. There is only one subject which is absolute truth and that is maths. 4+4 will always be 8. Even theoretical physicists say that they believe that there are multiple universes, more than 9 million truth; however, some say that it is bull shit.

So, there are multiple truth, not “the truth”.

Another example, for Britisher Winston Churchill, was a god. He saved them from the Nazis. That is their truth; however, for us Indians, he was a monster who ordered and killed more than 3 million people. So, that is our truth.

For British he was a great patriot, but for Indians he was a monster.

Let me cut to the chase, Amish said”I believe it did happen, but there were a lot of stories which got added as embellishment. We haven’t researched it enough to prove it. “

He gave following example,

“We all know that earth rotates. Same like a top, when top rotates it swivels. The same way the earth also swivels. It swivels such that the exact point on earth comes on the same point every 26,000 years. The position change of earth and change of sky is called precession There is some software that can calculate when would the sky would actually like that. So,if the sky has been described today then the exact same sky would be 26,000 years before or 26,000 years after. The sky has been described some times in Ramayana and Mahabharata. So this should be studied by scholars to prove this.”

Unfortunately, Indian University most of them don’t even have a Sanskrit department. There are more Sanskrit departments abroad than in India. It’s easier to study Arabic or partisan history in India then Sanskrit history.

Well, these are some thoughts of Amish which I think I should share with you; however, if you want to listen to the whole podcast then kindly go with the below-given link.


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