How to stop procrastination to achieve your goals

I have started this website on 21 May 2020. The reason behind creating this site was to share my learnings with the world. To illustrate, learning from books, learning from podcasts, learning from movies/tv-shows and from other sources. Initially, I was fired up, I used to write every day, which continues till the 11th of July. My last blog was about the stock market. And, after that, I haven’t written anything for the entire month.

So, why did this happen? Well, there are many reasons for this procrastination. And, I got epiphany about all these reasons today only. So, I have decided to share it with you.

Unfulfilled expectations:-

As my aforementioned statement, the main goal behind this site is to share the information with the world. Initially, I tried very hard to reach out to people. By the way, most of them appreciated my writing and motivated me to keep going. This happened for the first three blogs, but after some time I did not get that much response on my blogs.

Specifically, I had more expectations on my last blog:- Stock Market For Beginners. I had thought that the blog will be going to play as a booster for this website. This is because I thought that it was well written and narrated that even 10 year old will be able to get the concept of the stock market.

But, the main problem was I did not try that hard to reach out to people. I shared my previous blogs with my Instagram friends. In addition to this, specific friends not all of them.

Nevertheless, I have made a pact with my self that I am going to write every day, even though I am not getting expected result.

I do not want any kind of excuse with myself to not write. I have commenced this with the intention of sharing and I will not stop now.I will not give up. I am going to be adamant.

Day without a plan :-

Initially, when I used to write every single day, I had a proper plan. So, I used to write at night from 10:30 to 11:30. Howbeit, because of the aforementioned reason I got upset, and decided to take a break from blogging; and, started my old habits. Which are watching movies or tv shows.

I started watching the show “Silicon Valley”. Undoubtedly, It was a great show, and I also learned many things from it. But, because of it, my writing process got interrupted.

In this show, there was one incident in which the protagonist lost 10 million dollars as an investment. I thought I have invested a tiny amount in this blog if he can lose 10 million then my amount is nothing, I should forget about this blog and focus on other things.

After two weeks I lost my all motivation and started wasting my time here and there. I am not saying that watching tv shows and movies are bad. No not at all, I have learned various things from it.

However, I made a mistake when I decided to take a break and that dedicated slot of blogging got substituted by other things.

But, I am not going to make this mistake again.

I am going to stick with the fucking plan!!!

Try to make things complicated:-

There is a simple rule in life KISS. Which stands for “keep it simple stupid”. Why I am saying this because this is human nature, we try to make easy things complicated. This is not our fault this is how our brain works.

So, what I did? My website name is “consume to convey”; meaning:- whatever I learned day in day out, I will share, irrespective of the topic. But there are many gurus who say that you have to have a proper niche for your blog. For example, if your niche is technology then you should write blogs specifically for technology only like a review of mobile phones, laptops, software, etc. You got it, right?

So, I thought I am in the IT sector so I should start writing blogs about programming. And, sometimes I thought I should convert this blog as book review blog. And, I just wasted my time in thinking instead of doing something.

But, this blog niche is “learn and share” irrespective of topic. So, I have decided this that I am going to share everything which I have learned and not going to listen to this so-called “gurus”.

This is because you have to be unique , if you want to make a difference.

And, my motto is to contribute to this world. I know that this is nothing, but instead of doing nothing . I will fucking write everyday.

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