How to improve focus in a world full of distractions

I have commenced this blog three weeks ago. For two weeks I published three blogs per week, however this week(Mon-Fri) I did not write anything, even though I had some topic in my mind to convey it to you guys.

Why I did this? You will say, I procrastinated! This is true, but the root cause is I lost my concentration which I had for the first two weeks. I dig deep into this and I observed some lifestyle changes which I made during this week.

Firstly, I did some mistakes like for four days I have taken too many tasks on my hands; some office work and some for personal growth stuff.

So, instead o focusing on one single thing it got devided in muliple task. As a result, my mind got exhausted and denied to do any other person stuff like writing a blog.

Secondly, for the first two weeks, I had strict schedule for writing a blog. Which I broke in this week.

The third reason, I do exercise six days a week; however, I did not exercise at all this week.

The fourth reason, as I had some workload in the morning  I skip my breakfast for four consecutive days.

You will think? so what? is this reasons are related to distractions?

I did some research on this and the answer is yes this is related to concentration. I procrastinated and lost my focus due to my uneven lifestyle.

If you are having the same problem, then Kindly follow below-given points and you will see improvements from day one which I am feeling right now.

Decide your Sleeping time and your waking up time :

I consider my self as a movie and tv series buff like most of you are. Well, most of the people who give any advice will tell you to not wat tv shows or movies. It will waste your time and all. Instead of that read a book . I am not denying that, you should definitely read books.

However, I also believe that we are humans and we need some entertainment, our mind needs some relaxation to decrease the cortisol level which got build up during the whole day. There are many ways to relieve stress, but I watch tv shows and movies. And, I assure you that, you will learn something from tv shows or movies. You will improve your listening skills, you will enhance your vocabulary level, you will enhance your grammar and fun part is you will enjoy learning it. If English is your second language then watching tv shows and movies are really beneficial to you.

Here I have recommended 5 best comedy tv shows you can watch if you want to learn English with fun.

Nonetheless, I believe that As I have this habit to watch tv series episodes or movies before going to bed. As a result, I  forgot about timing and started sleeping at 2,3 am in the morning. And, in the morning some times, I woke up at 8, sometime at 8 or 9. As a result, I felt tired all day.

Well, I am not a hypocrite. I have not stopped watching it, but I am watching it on a specific time now.

So, science says that you have to decide the specific time for your sleeping and waking up. This is called the circadian rhythm, If you want to know more about this, check out the link, Circadian rhythm for more information.

I have started applying this rule and I felt so energetic, after that my concentration level got increased. I would recommend you to try this.

Do not skip your first meal breakfast :

Do you know what breakfast means? You have not eaten anything for 8 hours of sleep so technically you did 8 hours of fast and you are breaking your fast by consuming the first meal in the morning.

If you will not have it, then it means you are running a car without petrol. Well, will it run?


Our body will run in reserve mode, As a result, you will not have low energy, less enthusiasm, and less concentration throughout the day.

On the contrary, there are some people who believe in intermittent fasting. I am not denying that. If you are not aware of intermittent fasting, I will explain to you.

Intermittent fasting:-  Have some break between your meals for instance 12 hours,14 hours, or 16 hours.

Yeah, it has many benefits like you can do weight loss, you can have more energy and all. But, it does not mean that you have to skip your breakfast, most of the people have this misconception of skipping breakfast means intermittent fasting.

Instead of doing that you should avoid eating 3 hours before sleeping.

In a nutshell, do not skip your breakfast and which kind of breakfast you should consume that I have covered in the following point.

Make a schedule :-

This might be a cliche suggestion for you. I used to think in the same way that making a to-do list does not work at all. Especially, for working professionals like me. As we know that 8 hours of work is not for us. Some times we have to stretch, sometime we have to work till late at night. Consequently, whatever we have put in our to-do list it won’t happen.

However, this is all our excuse we can achieve anything if we stick to this schedule. In addition to this, you can be more productive and efficient if you follow your schedule with discipline.

As the first point was about deciding sleeping and waking time here I will tell you how to plan you whole day.

While making your schedule you must add the following things(just suggestion) :-

  • Wake up at 7 am in the morning.
  • Have two glasses of water first thing in the morning following this for some days, and you will thank me later
  • After doing your usual work, do some strengthening exercises. For instance, pushups, pull-ups, and core exercise(I will make the whole blog for benefits of exercise soon)
  • After doing your exercise meditate for 15 minutes(I will make the whole blog for meditation)
  • Now have your morning breakfast. I would recommend healthy food. Such as oats, fruits, lentils. In short protein-rich food with healthy carbs.
  • Read a book irrespective of genre, it will help you to enhance your focus.
  • Now you can have your day on your way, but it should be productive enough. For instance, work for constant two hours without any distractions and take 15 minutes of a break after that. And, in that break do not check social media and messages instead just walk for 15 minutes it will help you restore your energy then again work for two hours
  • Now take your lunch it should be a combination of clean carbs, healthy fats, and protein.
  • Now after taking your lunch just walk for 15 to 20 minutes and resume your work.
  • You can spend your evening time as you want.
  • Before going to bed, revise your whole day by writing it on your daily general. It will help you to organize your thoughts.

So my fellowy readers. do this all things for a week only and you will see a massive difference in your focus.

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