How to achieve anything you want in 2020

We all have this dream to have financial freedom in life, to travel the world, to be salubrious, and be happy in life; however, only 1% of people could achieve this.
Why so?
This is because we all want everything, but to achieve that goal, we are doing nothing.

To illustrate, most of us work on a single dead-end job for the entire life, and, instead of working on our goals we just do whining and complaining. This is not our fault, this is human nature we all whine and complain because it is easy than working on goals.
But, If you want to achieve your goal and get out of this rate race. For that, I will give you a blueprint to achieve your goals. You just have to implement it in your life.

Follow below-given points to achieve anything you want in your life :

Stop talking and start doing

There is one old saying, “Thunder clouds don’t rain”. Most of us like to brag about things like “you know, I have not been made for working for someone else”, “Business is in my gene”, “In 10 years I will have 10 million dollars in my bank account”, “I am going to open my own business in one year “, “I will do side hustle to achieve my goals”.

And, we dot not take any action for it.

Let me give you my example, I have been thinking about starting my own blog for two years. So, I have wasted my two years just thinking about it. This is a huge waste of time, in two years steve Wozniak and Stev jobs have made Macintosh, In one year Zuckerberg has made Facebook.

Just think about it, if I had started my blog two years ago, then I would have started earning side income by now or else I would have made some difference in people’s life via this platform.

Eventually, I started my blog and I have made a pact with my self that no matter what I will publish three posts per week.

Start slow but be consistent

So, as per the first point, whatever your goal is, just start taking action for it, but start slow.

For instance, your goal is to make muscles or lose fat. And, assume that you have not done a single push-up in your life. And, on the first day of your exercise routine, you did 100 push-ups.

You know what will happen? You will quit from the next day.

Therefore, start with doing one pushup and as per your limit, you can increase the count day by day.

This was just an example you can relate this to whatever you want to commence.

Work on your mental toughness

Three days ago I watch one interview of David Goggins in which, he has mentioned that “I do not workout to achieve my physical toughness, I workout to achieve mental toughness”. Actually, I was befuddled after hearing this same as you, but after listening to his answer all the confusion got away.

His answer :-

“Actually, I am a timid person. Initially, I do not want to be in this interview, but I came because I fight with my thoughts. Let me tell you one story when I was a kid I used to bully a lot by my classmates, My parents always used to fight, and I was not good at my studies. So, one day I had this instinct to commence working out. So, I started waking up at 5 am in the morning, I was doing jogging, jumping jacks, weight lifting and all kinds of stuff, You know after doing this continuously for one month I started thinking “Nobody is waking up at 5, nobody is doing exercise, nobody is doing jogging”. So, my confidence level went up to 100%, because I started thinking that I am better than them. From that day, I haven’t bullied ever, I did not care about parents fight and I became better at my studies”.

you know why this happened?

In a simple language, you have to push your self. This is because if you control your mind, your thoughts, then you will be able to achieve anything in this world.

Get out of your comfort zone

We, humans, are programmed to be in stay in our comfort zone; As our ancient humans used to find a comfort zone to stay safe from wild animals.

however, all inventions and the technological breakthrough came in history when human got out of comfort zone.

For instance, in today’s era comfort zone means. After doing your job or studies, you go home watch Netflix/ prime, hang out with friends, and go to sleep.

We like to do this, isn’t it? Because if you after working continuously for 8 or 9 hours our mind needs rest right?

We will not be able to side hustle if we want to because we are so exhausted right?

However, the real reason behind this is we do not want to come out of our comfort zone. Because it is hard.

Let me give you the best solution for it. You know that in one survey it has been reported that 99% of people think that they are fear public speaking the most, even though there was death as an option.

So, if you can this then you will do anything in this world. Because you can do that thing which 99% can’t. Did you get my point?

Thus, go and register to any toastmaster club and get out of your comfort zone.

Apply these aforementioned techniques, and I will assure you, you will achieve whatever that you want.

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