Best 5 Comedy Shows to Watch amid Lockdown

First of all, I hope you and your family are in good health. Well, nowadays after waking up in the morning, when I check  messages, inshorts(it’s a news app) or open social media, I got bombarded with the following news :

  1. 3000 more positive cases have been founded
  2. 100 got dead due to corona
  3. WHO says corona will be there for a long time
  4. The death rate reaches more than 1,00,000, but Trump is busy playing golf.
  5. 4 million people got fired from their jobs due to corona.

And, the list goes on….

Let me tell you one story, once upon a time(four years ago in 2016), I was going through some rough days of my life. I think I was suffering from depression, but I did not know about it. And, in our country like India, no one is aware of this kind of mental ailment. One day, I talked about this to one of my friends. He said, “you know, Robin Williams has said, any kind of illness can be cured with good laughter”. Then, he recommended me to watch this show “F.R.I.E.N.D.S”.

At that time, I haven’t watched any tv show in my life before, even though being a movie buff.  So, first I  ignore his advice for a couple of days, then, after someday I thought, I should at least give it a try.

Therefore, I started watching the show. And, man I watched the whole season at one sitting! I felt something different emotionally. Guess what? I was happy, after a long time. After that, I have watched many tv shows, the current count is 35. However, I would like to share, best 5 Comedy Shows, which I think would be better for you, to escape from the current situation.

Here is the list :

1) F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Of course! This is the best thing ever happened in my life. Forget about hydroxychloroquine! (Apologies, Mr. Trump) this show will help you to boost your immunity. This is because you will be less stressed, and as per some studies suggested that people who do not have much stress in their life, tend to have more immunity compare to those who stay apprehensive all the time. Jokes apart, Actually, this is the exquisite sitcom ever made. All characters are amazing in this show, My favorite one is our sarcasm king Chandler though. If you have not watched any series ever till now, I would highly recommend you to commence your tv show journey with this show. You will learn the meaning of sarcasm, you will learn about friendship, you will learn about relationship and I assure you, you are going to laugh a lot. In addition to this, after watching this show, you will not brag about money, your relationship, your career, but you will wish for this kind of life, which this character had lived in the show.

2) How I Met Your Mother

After F.R.I.E.N..D.S, I started watching this show; well, technically it was GOT, but here we are talking about comedy only. The concept of this show is same as friends; however, the difference is, it has given more stress on “love”. This show is made on the concept of how the protagonist found his soulmate after 9 years of dating, breakups, casual hookups, and many mistakes, not mistakes, I would say blunders. Honestly, I like Barney’s character rather than Ted in this show. Let me know in the comment section which character do you like after watching this show.

3) The Big Bang Theory

When I started this show, I did not like that much for the first time, as it was bit technical humor; however, after watching 3 or 4 more episodes I fall in love with this show. This shows concept is different than the aforementioned shows. If you are a science nerd and also enjoy humor, man this show is for you. By watching this show, you will be going to enhance your vocabulary level. And, if you are suffering from any articulation or pronunciation problem, I would like to offer you one solution for it; Imitate the way Jim Parson speaks, who has played a character as Sheldon Cooper in the show. Man if you practice the way he speaks daily at the same pace, your pronunciation will improve, it’s like tongue-twisting exercise.

4) The Office(US)

This show has a separate fan base, and I am glad that, I got myself included in it. This show has been represented to the audience in such a way that, it looks so real. It doesn’t have that fake laughs in the background, unlike other shows on the list. I think the comedy level of this show is 10 out of 10, that it doesn’t need the support of fake laughs. Are you wondering, why I put the US besides the show name? This is because the same show was created in the UK also, in reality, Uk has created the office first, but it did not get that much fame like the office USA. Do you want to know why? watch both shows, and compare 🙂

5) Two and a Half Men

Everybody has a dream of financial freedom, everyone dreams to earn plenty of wealth by working too little, everyone wants to live in a beach house, and everyone wants to have a good relationship(casual sex in Charlie Harper’s term,). Well, Charlie is living this kind of life in this show. But, it gets more interesting when his brother and his brother’s son started living with him. Man, this show has a lot to offer in terms of comedy, if you have not watched it yet go and watch it.

Other than the aforementioned shows there are some honorable mentions if you have already watched all shows which I have mentioned above :

  1. Brooklyn nine nine
  2. Seinfeld
  3. Two broken girls
  4. Man with a plan
  5. Anger Management
  6. Rick and Morty

So, go and laugh for a bit, you have had enough my friend.

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